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Electric Vehicle Society of Canada
EVS provides a forum for members to discuss and promote personal experiences in building or converting a variety of vehicles to Electric Propulsion.

ElectroCraft EV Systems
Toronto based manufacturer of chargers, controllers and DC-DC converters, Owned by Darius Vakili.

REV Consultants
Rick Lane in Ottawa does conversions as well as selling parts.

Canadian Electric Vehicles Ltd.
Randy Holmquist's conversion and manufacturing company on Vancouver Island

Thunder Sky
Lithium Ion Power Battery [Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4)] Manufacturer

EV Album
This is an unofficial photo album for members of the EV Discussion List.

UPM Marketing
Manufacturers of the EM100 electronic energy meter.

For some interesting polls on Electric Vehicles, Performance, Range, Cost, etc., Please check out these four pages on my site to enter your votes:
Charger; Controller; Battery Boxes; and Conversion Steps.

For The Responses to these polls as at August 14th, 2009, please check out my article on the polls.

For more frequent updates - check the Blog Frequently.

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